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Blues Lotto results 23/04/2010

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 24th April J Scott Carlisle 1414
Sun 25th Emma Bell Carlisle 240
Mon 26th W Oates Carlisle 3182
Tues 27th Bobby Morton Wigton 4999
Wed 28th Ian Bell Cockermouth 4776
Thurs 29th Christine (Fruit Stall) Carlisle 4163
Fri 30th Glenys Newcombe Carlisle 4918

£10.00 Prizes

Doreen Kenny Wigton 5304
Warren Tuffin Carlisle 2452
G Hunter Carlisle 1002
Mrs J Moorhead Carlisle 5653
M Dobson Wigton 5001

£5.00 Prizes

Alison Musgrave Carlisle 2137
Babs Owens Carlisle 2030
Ian wilson Wigton 1064
Mr J Sewell Carlisle 2138
Michael Kimble Cockermouth 5944
Thomas Lyon Gretna 2057
Tracey Tyson Carlisle 3167
Frances Simpson Wigton 4832
Wendy Davidson Carlisle 3686
R Somers Carlisle 2695

Rollover Draw

O5395 Not Won Next week £525

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