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Blues Lotto results 31/12/2010

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 1st Jan Warwick Creighton Carlisle 1103
Sun 2nd Mark Jackson Penrith 4674
Mon 3rd Joan Johnson Wigton 4968
Tues 4th Mrs S Johnston Carlisle 23068
Wed 5th Gerrard McDermott Carlisle 1359
Thurs 6th Mr L Vevers Carlisle 23329
Fri 7th Betty Park Gretna Green 1257

£10.00 Prizes

Mr I Ramsey Silloth 1264
Margaret Young Carlisle 4923
Mrs M Pennington Carlisle 5743
Cross Carlisle 5894
Ms L Brandon Brampton 5538

£5.00 Prizes

Anne Bewes Carlisle 3008
Miss G Parker Carlisle 23274
Alan Whitham Silloth 1991
Lexie Ward Carlisle 466
K Hodgson Carlisle 328
Mrs J Elliot Carlisle 3328
Margaret Turney Wetheral 1537
Mr M Hodgson Carlisle 2923
Sheila Bulman Wetheral 4615
W Oates Carlisle 3182


P6936 not won Next weeks prize £500.

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