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Blues Lotto results 15/07/2011

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 16th July Craig Williamson Houghton 1382
Sun 17th M Todd Carlisle 4155
Mon 18th Miss R Barton Silloth 16578
Tues 19th Pat Heggie Thurstonfield 189
Wed 20th J Taylor Cockermouth 3016
Thurs 21st Darryl Coleman Appleby 764
Fri 22nd Mrs Threlkeld Carlisle 4339

£10.00 Prizes

Mark Little Carlisle 994
Mr F Alves Carlisle 5160
Nigel Hogarth Carlisle 2362
Eileen Batey Carlisle 873
L Creighton Appleby 23836

£5.00 Prizes

Clare Titterington Carlisle 199
Jean Graham Carlisle 5279
Kimberley Dawn Craig Carlisle 23617
David T Scott Penrith 1471
Mr K Graham Carlisle 2083
Mrs R David Carlisle 440
Simon Laurie Carlisle 4475
T Huck Appleby 22194
Tom Wallace Carlisle 666
Stuart Oswald Keswick 1467


G4638 Not Won Next weeks prize £1200

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