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Blues Lotto results 31/10/2014

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 1st November Mrs Campbell Carlisle 5047
Sunday 2nd November Mr S Carney Carlisle 23403
Monday 3rd November Jim Hunter Carlisle 1174
Tuesday 4th November John Ridley Scotby 22412
Wednesday 5th November Glyn Dixon Aspatria 48
Thursday 6th November Eileen Coombes Carlisle 5419
Friday 7th November Mrs L Lamb Houghton 23518

£10.00 Prizes

Mrs Smallwood Wigton 4973
G & C Howe Carlisle 2921
Mrs D Kenney Wigton 23408
Elaine Steven Carlisle 23476
Steele Longtown 1705

£5.00 Prizes

Mrs C Nixon Brampton 5489
Philomena Pickering Carlisle 22619
Mrs M Oxley Carlisle 23680
Mr K Lightburn Morpeth 206
Mrs P Winskill Longtown 23229
Suzanne Broughton Carlisle 3305
Norman Pitts Cockermouth 3602
Mrs D Speakman Accrington 6
Mrs M Fenech Carlisle 23239
Mark Stanger Workington 22560


Mary Harper Carlisle 4078


03313 Not Won. Next weeks prize £325

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