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Blues Lotto results 24/07/2015

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 25th July Mrs Frith Carlisle 854
Sunday 26th July Mr J McCraken Wigton 22904
Monday 27th July Alan Borrowdale Penrith 3834
Tuesday 28th July Mike Halford South Shields 22437
Wednesday 29th July Mrs I Dunn Carlisle 1714
Thursday 30th July Mrs A Scott Carlisle 22659
Friday 31st July Foster Carlisle 5682

£10.00 Prizes

John Rae Carlisle 22551
Mrs M Irwin Carlisle 4162
Mr L Fyfe Cotehill 22223
Brenda Young Lockerbie 1633
T Wallace Penrith 3009

£5.00 Prizes

Dorothy Gawith Carlisle 3953
Mrs G Purdham Penrith 4209
Dave Wilkes Carlisle 2282
Andrew Clark Carlisle 5265
Mrs B Dugdale Carlisle 1506
Pat Notman Carlisle 670
Derrick Thomlinson Carlisle 22175
Paul Hewitt Carlisle 2326
Mrs L Francis Carlisle 23223
Sylvia McMahon Carlisle 23944


N1712 Not won. Next weeks prize £1300

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