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Blues Lotto results 07/08/2015

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 8th August Myra Armstrong Carlisle 5688
Sunday 9th August Mrs Hind Carlisle 23603
Monday 10th August Anthony Caddy St Bees 22752
Tuesday 11th August Joyce Barnett Carlisle 22035
Wednesday 12th August Mr Allan Annan 1230
Thursday 13th August Michael Davidson Great Corby 22357
Friday 14th August DJ Fordy Rockcliffe 3896

£10.00 Prizes

Mr S Fraser Carlisle 23573
Mrs S Dodgson Shap 23363
Mr D Edgar Waverton 1105
Sheila Cain Brampton 3377
Robert Dalziel Waverton 192

£5.00 Prizes

Margaret Rodgers Gretna 2028
Gerald Aird Carlisle 23960
Miss S Lamont Gretna 1328
James & Karina Penrith 23473
Miss C Minns Carlisle 1225
John Lamb Morton 2489
Dot Shaw Carlisle 345
Ben Spiro-Hughes Manchester 994
James Morgan Ayrshire 23992
Mrs Young Carlisle 1


M3482 Not won. Next weeks prize 1350

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