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Blues Lotto results 08/04/2016

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 9th April George Jackson Wigton 23328
Sunday 10th April Mike Clayton Wigton 22564
Monday 11th April Pauline Graham Carlisle 23526
Tuesday 12th April Mrs Clark Carlisle 23966
Wednesday 13th April Doreen Bragg Wigton 165
Thursday 14th April Christine Beattie Wigton 565
Friday 15th April Mrs L Francis Carlisle 23223

£10.00 Prizes

Irene Brown Silloth 484
Kath Proudfoot Carlisle 3621
Mrs A Lee Carlisle 5217
Mr Pearson Carlisle 22467
Jackie Scott Carlisle 1183

£5.00 Prizes

Fred Howarth Scotby 1855
Mrs D Huntington Dalston 887
Mrs M Wield Annan 1282
Zoe Holliday Eastriggs 1509
Mr R Barnes Kirkby Thore 367
Steve Carney Carlisle 2438
Brian Bassett Little Corby 1182
Mr D Maclachlan Carlisle 22973
D Sewell Dalston 889
Mr J Wright Haltwhistle 939


R3520 Not won. Next weeks prize £2225

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