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Blues Lotto results 22/04/2016

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 23rd April John Alan Hedley Carlisle 23027
Sunday 24th April Miss N Snowdon Carlisle 524
Monday 25th April S Johnston Carlisle 688
Tuesday 26th April Mrs I Dunn Carlisle 441
Wednesday 27th April Elizabeth Lyons Carlisle 4765
Thursday 28th April Peggy Watson Carlisle 4701
Friday 29th April Ali Ross Carlisle 562

£10.00 Prizes

Mr J Murphy Shap 2645
Chris Noble Carlisle 978
Mrs W Eve Carlisle 16633
Andy Park Scotby 23845
Jackie Johnstone Langholm 23234

£5.00 Prizes

Brian Nixon Penrith 577
Mr Hesselwood Fletchertown 829
Lynne Sewell Carlisle 1301
Mrs M Jardin Gretna 23861
Miss C Storey Carlisle 127
Amy Katapodis Brough 516
Emma Percival Carlisle 3238
Mrs H Arnold Carlisle 5234
Mrs C Lyall Wigton 776
Mr A McHardy Corby Hill 5405


T8345 Not won. Next weeks prize £275

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