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Blues Lotto results 17/06/2016

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 18th June Keith Stuart Warwick Bridge 3291
Sunday 19th June Miss E Robson Carlisle 3286
Monday 20th June Richard Casson Carlisle 342
Tuesday 21st June Mr J McCleary Longtown 23118
Wednesday 22nd June Brian Pickering Carlisle 22176
Thursday 23rd June M Walker Carlisle 1146
Friday 24th June Irene Steel Carlisle 4241

£10.00 Prizes

Mr J Bell Brampton 5756
Mrs E Atkinson Aspatria 22178
Mrs G Hodgson Brampton 5541
Mrs I Bryson Gretna 23714
Mike O'Neil Wigton 5020

£5.00 Prizes

Stephen Larkin Wigton 3986
Mrs C McMath Gretna 22049
Mr B Beck Allonby 22371
Mr J Ryan Kirkby Thore 662
Mrs J Kirk Kirkoswald 22061
Gillian Marrs Carlisle 4843
Mrs M Byers Longtown 1743
Peter Thornhill Carlisle 4006
Mrs D Fryer Carlisle 23631
Mr A Scott Wigton 22927


L6079 Not won. Next weeks prize £450

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