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Blues Lotto results 17/02/2017

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 18th February Janette Purdham Low Hesket Carlisle
Sunday 19th February Margaret Gill Carlisle 22281
Monday 20th February Mrs E Evans Lockerbie 23267
Tuesday 21st February Mr G Farringham Penrith 22884
Wednesday 22nd February Mrs E Blaylock Penrith 4016
Thursday 23rd February Jim Carrigan Scotby 2670
Friday 24th February Alison Birkett Glasson 3912

£10.00 Prizes

Robert Blackett Carlisle 5685
Mr G Studholme Wigton 22391
Monica Hanley Abbeytown 5353
Jennifer Carruthers Irthington 2872
Mr N Vevers Anthorn 22998

£5.00 Prizes

AR Edmondson Penrith 22500
Miss A Graham Brampton 22080
Kevin Aitkenhead Carlisle 3907
John Dalzell Carlisle 3057
Mr W Couthard Wigton 22409
Mr B Teasdale Hexham 1629
C Glass Annan 5275
Olive McKinnel Gretna Green 2127
Mr Sawyers Longtown 22198
Mr R Borrowdale Shap 23169


H6963 Not won. Next weeks prize £1300

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