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Blues Lotto results 01/06/2018

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 2nd June Patricia Pattinson Carlisle 2915
Sunday 3rd June Mrs SA Hartigan Penrith 4190
Monday 4th June Kevin McGeorge Carlisle 23881
Tuesday 5th June Mrs J Watson Wigton 22840
Wednesday 6th June Dr K Walker Kent 22374
Thursday 7th June Mr N Barber Haltwhistle 23754
Friday 8th June Mrs E Atkinson Carlisle 1720

£10.00 Prizes

Mr M Simpson Carlisle 5373
Jean Robinson Silloth 1596
Mr L Scott Whitehaven 1054
R Groves Silloth 1603
T Heenan Carlisle 5210

£5.00 Prizes

Kenneth Higgin Carlisle 22189
Hugh McDevitt Carlisle 22591
Mr A McKeen Brampton 5522
Eleanor Harvey Carlisle 23660
Mr G Leech Carlisle 23088
Rachael Mangle Brough 1894
Neville McSephney Carlisle 22543
Malcolm Clark Kirkbride 2369
Barry Johnstone Carlisle 1538
G Mattinson Carlisle 22156


N9243 Not won. Next weeks prize £1050

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