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Blues Lotto results 20/07/2018

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 21st July Mr M Gasgarth Appleby 4391
Sunday 22nd July Margaret Hunter Carlisle 682
Monday 23rd July Irene Steel Carlisle 4241
Tuesday 24th July Mr A Tutin Kirkoswald 2788
Wednesday 25th July Mrs E Moffat Eastriggs 23549
Thursday 26th July David Davidson Longtown 1375
Friday 27th July Michael Davidson Great Corby 22357

£10.00 Prizes

Mr W Pender Brampton 22744
Mrs F Irving Carlisle 1139
Miss R Waites Penrith 1781
Miss N Yates Carlisle 1711
Ellen Thompson Carlisle 2615

£5.00 Prizes

Bill Ward Carlisle 3619
Mr L Lewthwaite Penrith 367
Monica Welsh Kirkby Thore 2204
Mr M Lamb Thursby 22714
A Ditchburn Maryport 3386
William Wilson Carlisle 1954
Karen Clark Gretna 1253
Mrs J Gough Brampton 3410
Chris Armstrong Stockport 22887
H Crofts Carlisle 2339


U9858 Not won. Next weeks prize £1225

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