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Blues Lotto results 07/12/2018

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 8th December RA Crofts Carlisle 2338
Sunday 9th December Mr B Pattinson Wigton 23956
Monday 10th December Joanne Collins Carlisle 2764
Tuesday 11th December Mrs J Parmley Penrith 23550
Wednesday 12th December Mark Lancaster Appleby 1782
Thursday 13th December Mr S Ames Carlisle 23276
Friday 14th December Mrs J Aldred Langwathby 2730

£10.00 Prizes

Mrs C Cannon Carlisle 4566
Nigel McHard Maryport 237
Neil Bell Carlisle 3885
Mr G Taylor Appleby 3126
Mr A Herdman Haltwhistle 23651

£5.00 Prizes

Mr B Henderson Wigton 22014
Judith Moor Carlisle 3324
Mr H Hamilton Carlisle 404
Eric Rothery Worcestershire 22808
Mrs E Irving Eaglesfield 482
Mr A Robinson Thursby 1583
John James Penrith 695
John Welton Carlisle 22945
Nigel Dickinson Carlisle 2840
Sarah Glencross Carlisle 22127


U7777 Not won. Next weeks prize £1700

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