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Blues Lotto results 12/07/2019

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 13th July Mrs K Coulthard Wigton 945
Sunday 14th July Stephen & Shirley Baxter Carlisle 1899
Monday 15th July Mr N Jeffrey Carlisle 22553
Tuesday 16th July Mrs M Goodfellow Brampton 23129
Wednesday 17th July Mr D Hodgson Workington 23548
Thursday 18th July Mervyn Jessett Warwick on Eden 178
Friday 19th July Mrs J Clubbs Heads Nook 22051

£10.00 Prizes

George Shadwick Carlisle 1263
Ian Black Maryport 22947
Martin Currie Carlisle 3036
Mr J Dixon Carlisle 23891
Mrs F Foster Carlisle 5682

£5.00 Prizes

Mrs A Holdsworth Longmarton 417
Allan Kerr Stirling 23978
Mr D Munn Carlisle 4921
A Johnstone Carlisle 22005
Mrs E English Longtown 403
Mr B Lynas Carlisle 22209
Andrew Newton Carlisle 5376
Mr A Pape Carlisle 22224
Darren Pattinson Carlisle 3076
Neil Marshall Abbeytown 22172


F8302 Not won. Nex weeks prize £350

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