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Blues Lotto results 12/02/2021

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 13th February Brenda Greig Carlisle 22825
Sunday 14th February Mrs P Cockton Carlisle 1874
Monday 15th February Mr P Thompson Carlisle 22546
Tuesday 16th February J Wright Brampton 2274
Wednesday 17th February Thomas Harrington 4512
Thursday 18th February Mrs E Young Bellingham 2177
Friday 19th February Mrs J Kerswell Rowrah 23974

£10.00 Prizes

Alison Hodgkison Longtown 4632
Mark Lancaster Appleby 1782
WG Thompson Carlisle 22186
Mr Pagan Carlisle 2584
Tim Graham Carlisle 827

£5.00 Prizes

Derek Jackson Carlisle 1319
Chris Campbell Appleby 1130
Jonathan Kidd Penrith 22402
Malcolm Clark Carlisle 2369
Linda McGarry Carlisle 3616
Mr G McIntyre Carlisle 2303
Mr D Munn Carlisle 4921
Geoff Jackson Carlisle 23004
Mike Corry Darlington 22395
John Thompson Penrith 4727

Rollover Winner

R6071 Not won. Next weeks prize £600

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